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Sent: 09 May 2023 08:06

To: ‘Kelvin BASG’ <[email protected]>
Subject: Workshop on Managing the Broads Environment For The Future

Dear xxx

As the climate and environment changes the challenges of managing the Broads Environment become more demanding each year. Reduction, in real terms value of budgets means its increasingly hard for all organisations to meet these challenges and to satisfy increasing public expectation.

During and after the environmental incidents of Autumn 2022, the 3rd sector provided valuable input in to monitoring, rescue and clean up, driven by passion for the environment within the Broads community. Whilst this work was quietly appreciated and respected, it highlighted disparities in working practice, coordination and risk management which ultimately reduced the ability of statutory organisations to fully engage.

Within the UK and many other countries there is a long serving precedent of a well managed, coordinated and risk managed 3rd sector delivering world class resources alongside statutory bodies. Helping to deliver a level of service that simply wouldn’t be possible if solely reliant on public money.

We would like to facilitate a discussion on how all Broads management organisations could harness the passion within the Broads community, to create a new 3rd sector resource. One that is aligned in working practice and risk management to statutory requirements, but is free of the fiscal constraints of the public purse. One that can relieve over burdened resources and be confidently relied on in times of crisis.

Your knowledge and expertise will be incredibly valuable in this discussion and we would like to invite to join us at a future workshop to explore what might be possible.

The agenda will aim to identify what services 3rd sector could provide, the associated challenges and obtain general consensus of how much value this would contribute to the management of the Broads. We will run workshops and discussions through the day, as well as providing light lunch and refreshments.

We have raised a doodle poll in order to find a date that is most convenient. The Venue will be Dragonfly House, Norwich.

We really hope you will be able to join us in this discussion and explore how together we can face the challenges of managing the Broads for the future.

On Behalf of BASG and Broadswatch.

Agenda for Friday’s meeting.

The day is really focused on creating a discussion that calls upon our collective experiences and knowledge to explore the possibility of creating a new 3rd sector resource to help manage our environment. Therefore we don’t have an agenda full of presentations, but a couple of breakout workshops both followed by discussion and then hopefully a consensus on how this initiative might move forward.

09:30 Meet and Coffee

10:00 Opening Presentations from BASG / Broadswatch / EA

10:30 Workshop 1 – Breakout in to groups to identify tasks/services that could be completed by a manged 3rd sector to relieve pressure on statutory budgets. Identified tasks to be considered for Risk, training requirement, and

11:30 Coffee

12:00 Summary of Workshop 1, followed by floor discussion

13:00 Light Lunch

13:30 Workshop 2- Breakout in to groups to discuss and explore the potential operation of a new resource. This will look at Risk Management, communications, management and of course how this would be funded

14:30 Summary of Workshop 2, followed by floor discussion

15:30 Closing comments



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