4166HS2-004 – Dynamic Riverfly Risk AssessmentBroads Angling Services Group (BASG)  Dynamic Riverfly Risk Assessment29th September 2023risk-assessments structural company-documents
4102Workshop on Managing the Broads Environment For The Future – OutcomesWe have now finalised the findings of Junes’ Workshop and outlined these in a concept …11th August 2023saline-management campaigns
4100Workshop on Managing the Broads Environment For The FutureThis was sent to the key Broads stakeholders as below. Sent: 09 May 2023 08:06 …12th May 2023saline-management campaigns
4005HS2-003 – Generic Riverfly Risk AssessmentBroads Angling Services Group (BASG)  Generic Riverfly Risk Assessment17th April 2023risk-assessments structural company-documents
3922HS2-002 – Otter Spriant Collection Risk AssessmentBroads Angling Services Group (BASG)  Otter Spriant Collection Risk Assessment5th February 2023risk-assessments structural company-documents
3920HS2-001 – Outdoor Risk AssessmentBroads Angling Services Group (BASG) Outdoor Risk Assessment Master Copy5th February 2023structural company-documents
3905POL3-001 – Privacy PolicyBroads Angling Services Group (BASG) Privacy Policy2nd February 2023structural company-documents
3904POL2-001 – Data Protection PolicyBroads Angling Services Group (BASG)  Mission Statement Issued Jan 20232nd February 2023structural company-documents
3908POL6-001 – Complaints PolicyBroads Angling Services Group (BASG) Complaints Policy2nd February 2023structural company-documents
3909PR02-001 – Conducting A Risk AssessmentBroads Angling Services Group (BASG)  Conducting A Risk Assessment2nd February 2023structural company-documents
3907POL5-001 – Safeguarding PolicyBroads Angling Services Group (BASG) Safeguarding Policy2nd February 2023structural company-documents
3906POL4-001 – Health and Safety PolicyBroads Angling Services Group (BASG) Health and Safety Policy2nd February 2023structural company-documents
3903POL1-001 – Safeguarding Code of Conduct for Workers and VolunteersBroads Angling Services Group (BASG) Safeguarding Code of Conduct for Workers and Volunteers2nd February 2023structural company-documents
3901POL8-001 – Mission StatementBroads Angling Services Group (BASG)  Mission Statement Issued Jan 20232nd February 2023structural company-documents
3900POL7-001 – Code of Conduct for MembersBroads Angling Services Group (BASG)  Code of Conduct for Members2nd February 2023structural company-documents
3784Dutch study on the use of Air Curtains to reduce salinityDutch field study and supporting analysis of air curtains and other measures to reduce salinity …3rd October 2022saline-management campaigns
3783Bure Modelling on Tidal LockingThis presentation is a desktop study into the causes and potential solution for providing some …2nd October 2022saline-management campaigns
3644Responsible Fishing Leaflet 2022A guide to catching fishing in the Broads.5th July 2022summer-pike campaigns
35902022 Broads Angling Strategy3rd July 2022strategy company-documents
35882018 Broads Angling Strategy3rd July 2022strategy company-documents
3673Prymnesium PhD PublishedBen Wagstaff published his scientific paper in Dec 2021, which presented results and provided insights …9th December 2021prymnesium campaigns
3639Hoveton a way forwardWe have finally reached a position with the Hoveton saga, following a legal exchange between …24th November 2021hoveton campaigns
3827IFM Conference Nov-2021 Presentation on HGBMartin Salter presented the following at the IFM conference held in Nov-21 on the history …20th November 2021hoveton campaigns
3638Permit Issued by the Agency for the implementation of Fish BarriersHoveton Great Broad – Minded to Consultation – 3 Temporary Fish Barriers, EPR/RB3557SW: Flood risk …15th October 2021hoveton campaigns
3637Hoveton Illegal Barriers Planning SubmissionLetter to BA  Planning Committee. It follows  a further planning application from Natural England in …30th September 2021hoveton campaigns
3636BASG Response to Hoveton Permit EPR/RB3557SWOur response and objections with the permitting of Hoveton Great Broad Fish Barriers, following the “minded …12th September 2021hoveton campaigns
3635Hoveton Great Broad Years on and Little ProgressCampaign video highlighting the plight of Bream in the Northern Broads and impact on it’s …3rd June 2021hoveton campaigns
3631Another Challenge on the Hoveton SagaThe EA gave us notice of a new submission flood risk permit application from Natural …18th February 2021hoveton campaigns
3630A mess from the start EA investigates Natural England over unlawful fish passesENDS eeporter Conor McGlone gives a view on the developments at Hoveton Great Broad14th January 2021hoveton campaigns
3629Fish Legal forces Environment Agency to back down over Hoveton Great Broad fish barriersAnglers can today celebrate winning the first round in their battle to save an important …11th November 2020hoveton campaigns
3627Court Papers Issued against EA and NEThe Claimants seek to bring a challenge by way of judicial review against the decision …7th November 2020hoveton campaigns
3626NE Papers on Hoveton Proposals ExposedAfter months of trying, via Fish Legal we have being provided the documents that the …22nd September 2020hoveton campaigns
3625EA blunders over Hoveton Great Broad Press ReleaseThe Angling Trust and BASG issued a joint press release today following the response from …10th September 2020hoveton campaigns
3623Hoveton bio-manipulation statementBASG and the  Angling Trust campaigns team to raise this to the highest level and …4th August 2020hoveton campaigns
3620Hoveton Great Broad Temporary Fish Barriers EPRNB3494JPFlood risk activity permit granted. The Agency issued the following press release.27th July 2020hoveton campaigns
3619Correspondence with EA Area Manager10th July 2020 Simon Hawkins East Anglia Area Manager10th July 2020hoveton campaigns
3672Prymnesium Update Spring 2020We have continued to lobby the Environment Agency on the findings following our key work …11th May 2020prymnesium campaigns
3634Hoveton Great Broad Consultation our Response to EPR Permit EPR3557SWSummary of the Issues and our objections with the permitting of Hoveton Great Broad Fish Barrier20th March 2020hoveton campaigns
3617Update on Hoveton Great BroadSince our last update the BASG Board have met with both the Environment Agency and …4th February 2020hoveton campaigns
3616BASG Public Assessment of situationBASG reports on the  overall status and impact to the broads fishery its ecology and …9th December 2019hoveton campaigns
3614NE / EA Joint response to correspondenceLetter from NE / EA in response to your communication on 4th Nov  5th December 2019hoveton campaigns
3613Response to EA-NE on current HGB projectThis is the formal escalation to both Natural England and Environment Agency Regional Managers in …4th November 2019hoveton campaigns
3612Report on bioremediation of Hoveton Great BroadIFM Report on bio-manipulation of Hoveton Great Broad by exclusion of bream (Abramis brama L.) …4th August 2019hoveton campaigns
3609Hoveton Great Broad Bio-Manipulation Presentation June 2019Presentation by BASG to the AT Forum June 2019 with EA & NE present in …12th June 2019hoveton campaigns
3650Pike CR_26 Feb_draft-6Scientific paper on optimal temperature regimes for protecting pike in catch and release activities5th February 2019summer-pike campaigns
3598Articles of AssociationTHE COMPANIES ACT 2006 COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF BROADS …4th November 2018structural company-documents
3648The coarse fishery close season in English rivers: a literature reviewAs part of an evidence gathering exercise, this literature review was commissioned on behalf of …5th May 2018summer-pike campaigns
3671Anglers’ delight as algal blooms breakthrough highlights innovative scienceMillions of fish-deaths caused by toxic Prymnesium algal blooms could be prevented with the application …11th August 2017prymnesium campaigns
3669Prymnesium Update 2016A  task group from the Environment Agency, Broads Angling Strategy Group, Broads Authority, Natural England, …11th July 2016prymnesium campaigns
3727Feasibility paper for air curtains in the Broads to reduce salt intrusionRob Uittenbogaard from Delrares to explores the feasibility to apply air curtains in the Broads …26th March 2016saline-management campaigns
3723Broadland pike tagging project Phase 1 technical reportNorthern pike VI tag retention and population dynamics in Sportsmans Broad26th November 2015summer-pike campaigns
3665Boads Prymnesium EA Press ReleaseIn March and April this year, the Environment Agency’s fisheries staff led one of the …11th June 2015prymnesium campaigns
3668Prymnesium Makes National NewsKelvin Allen the BASG Treasurer and Eastern Region chairman of AT has made the news …11th May 2015prymnesium campaigns
3607Social Economics Surrounding Broads AnglingBack in 2015 both BASG and the EA looked hard at the social economics surrounding …4th May 2015hoveton campaigns
3608Hoveton Great Broad Seasonal Comparative Fish Surveys Summary ReportHoveton Great Broad Restoration Project: Seasonal Comparative Fish Surveys Summary Report4th April 2015hoveton campaigns
3725Broadland Pike Tagging Project Newletter 2013What’s the Environment Agency doing to help Broadland  pike anglers?26th December 2013summer-pike campaigns
3646Coarse fishing close season on English riversCoarse fishing close season on English rivers Appendix 1 – Current coarse fish close season …10th March 2010summer-pike campaigns